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Silicone Based Nano Coating Solutions

Our nano coating solutions are high quality products, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces including electronic parts such as semiconductors, metal, painted surfaces, textile fabric, etc. Our Car Nano Coating II and III are improved exclusively for cars. The nano film was formed on the coated surfaces by combining high efficiency organic groups where their molecular structure mainly based on siloxane bond (Si-O-Si). The nano film has various characteristics, such as scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant, weather-resistant, beading, super glossy, and self-cleaning. Since our product can maintain excellent film structure in different environments, it protects the film surface far longer than the past organic solvent (wax polymer). Our latest Car Nano Coating III has the best effects mentioned above.


Characteristics of Our Nano Solutions


Car Nano Coating II and III Solutions

Our car paint nano coating II and III solutions have 3 best effects: Extremely Deep Gloss; Absolute Lotus Effect Quality and Marvelous Durability.

1. Extremely Deep Glossy

After coating the car body just likes a mirror beautifully reflecting objects around it.

car body nano coating glossy shinning

Glossy Effect Illumination

SiO2 nano coating has changed the distribution of the amount of the past molecular structure and has made the 3D structure with flexibility while maintaining highly hard film structure by incorporating the new bridge combination.

Left diagram: Before nano coating no super glossy effect because of the diffused reflection of the light on the painted body. After coating the painted car body becomes glossy and transparent due to the excellent thickness of the film of 3D structure with the mirror-like reflection.

Right Diagram: SiO2 molecules strongly attached to the painted car body. Siloxane bond (Si-O-Si) which has high energy of combination permeates into the deep layer of the surface and the nano film layer and body are strongly combined.

2. Absolute Lotus Effect Quality

The nano film formed on the car body significantly reduces the attachment intention between dust, oil, water, etc and the coated surfaces, which lead to beading, lotus effect — Self-cleaning.

car nano coating self cleaning
hydrophobic nano coating
ultra hydrophobic nano coating

The glossy surfaces repel both water and oil which makes the coated car body full of lotus effect for much longer time. Please see the following to diagrams.

Left: Dirt usually attaches car body and enters into small spot of paint, which makes it hard to be removed easily. After nano coating the nano film works as a perfect shield and repels various kinds of dirt.

Right: Test with permanent oil marker. Nano film repels oil-based ink easily and can be removed by simply wiping it off.

Watch the following videos on the water repellent property of nano coated car body.

3. Scratch Resistant

The high energy of siloxane bond (Si-O-Si) gives the formed film heat-resistant property. 3D structure of nano coating film has less deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun light, which lead to weather resistant characteristic and longer glossy effect. In addition to that, due to the flexibility of the 3D structure the nano film displays superior crack-proof quality. If it is too hard it tends to crack.

Left Picture (Top): Nano coating after hardening. Nano coating film maintains its hardness at 5H and by revising the molecular structure its durability has dramatically improved. The important thing is the balance between the hardness and flexibility.

Left Picture (Bottom): Scratch resistant test. Experiment was conducted with a plastic lighter. The right pictures are the image the color of which is reversed for better vision effect. Other companies tested on 9H, but ours does not suffer any scratch even our products are not 9H.

Right Video: Scratch Resistant Test on Car with Double Coated Car Nano Coating II & III (Coated twice with our Car Body Nano Coating III)

SiO2 Nano Coating
anti scratch car nano coating

4. Heat Resistant

The glass nano layer not only protects your car from scratch it also forms a shield from heat (fire). Please watch our heat / fire resistant test on our Car Body Nano Coating Solution Coated surface. You will see another anti scratch test after the heat resistant test.

5. Long Lasting Durability

Gloss Effect Retention Test

Our product Car Nano Coating II can protect your car up to 3 year, and Car Nano Coating III will protect coated surfaces for up to 5 years with less than 10% reduction on glossy effect.

hydrophobic nano coating retention durability test

6. Easy to Apply

Our nano coating solutions are very easy to apply. In addition to the nano coating solution a piece of microfiber cloth is also included for the application. After coating you can use this microfiber cloth to clean the light dirt on your car dashboard. You don’t have to wet the cloth. Just gently touch the dashboard dirt will be absorbed by the microfiber cloth just like a magnet. Please check how to apply nano coating solutions.


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