Wood Nano Coating

  • Waterproof
  • Weather & UV Damage Resistant
  • Mold Growth Protection
  • Long Lasting Effect


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Wood Nano Coating Solution, 300ml (10.14 fl.oz.)/Sprayer Bottle

Our wood nano coating solution protects almost every type of wood and cork against water, dirt and moss formation. The coated surfaces feature excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The resulting low surface energy leads to a significant reduction in substrate soiling and water absorption


  • Weather resistant for several years
  • Strong chemical bond to substrate
  • Water based
  • Strong reduction of moss formation and microorganism infestations
  • Does not affect water vapor permeability
  • Does not affect swelling
  • Invisible
  • Reduces weather effects

Examples of Use

  • Garden furniture
  • Wood saunas (untreated)
  • Wood flooring, garden decking (untreated)
  • Cork materials


Easy DIY application process. The coating can be done by painting (roller), spraying or immersion.

Storage Stability and Usage

2-Year Shelf Life at 3 to 30 °C. 70 ~ 300ml per square meter

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