Glass Nano Coating UHC-GC

  • Hydrophobic Beading Effect
  • Lotus Self Cleaning Effect
  • Scratch Resistant
  • UV Damage Resistant


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Glass Nano Coating Solution — UHC-GC 100ml/Sprayer Bottle

In addition to CNC-Glass, we also have another another SiO2 based nano coating solution – UHC-GC. UHC-GC has a special formula to coat smooth, glass like surfaces, such as glass, ceramics, etc. Glass like surfaces are normally hard to coat because of the hardiness. Our UHC-GC, SiO2 based nano coating solution, not only solved the hard coating issue but also has excellent durability on lotus self cleaning effect. It will protect coated surfaces up to 10 years.

Comparison of CNC-Glass Nano Coating Solution and UHC-GC Nano Coating Solution

1. CNC-Glass gives better lotus beading effect than UHC-GC. You will see water beads flow away on CNC-Glass coated windshield when car drives at around 30 MPH. You will see the same effect on UHC-GC coated windshield  when car drives at around 40 MPH.

2. UHC-GC has much longer effect durability. UHC-GC can protect coated surfaces from scratch, UV damage up to 10 years. There will still over 80% retention on lotus beading effect after 10 years. CNC-Glass only last around 12 month.


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