Car Body Nano Coating II & III

  • Super Glossy, Just like a mirror
  • Lotus Self Cleaning Effect
  • Anti Scratch, Anti Heat, Anti UV Damage
  • Excellent Durability, Up to 5 Years


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Car Ceramic Coating, Car Body Paint Nano Coating, Car Body Nano Coating Solution II & III. 30ml/Bottle

Car Ceramic Coating Solution, 30ml/bottle, which is enough to coat two full size cars, one big SUV or one Minivan. A piece of microfiber cloth is included with this item.

Our Car Ceramic Coating Solution II & III are perfect for you to replace traditional wax which has much less protection time compared to our nano coating solutions. Our car body nano coating solutions II can protect your car paint up to 3 years, and III will protect your car paint up to 5 years. In addition to durability our nano coating solutions also have the following properties:

1. Scratch Resistant

Car Body Nano Coating Solutions are SiO2 based nano coating solutions. SiO2 is a main component in glass. With a special formula SiO2 nano molecules in Car Body Nano Coating Solutions will form a nano thin layer outside of the car paint. With 5H hardness and flexibility the nano film will protect your car paint up to 5 years. For more detailed information please refer to our Tech and Products Info, and watch the video in Product Info.

2. Super Glossy

SiO2 molecules uniformly lined up on the coated surface, which significantly reduces diffused reflection. After coating with our Car Body Nano Coating II & III the coated paint will look like mirror.

3. Marvelous Lotus Self Cleaning Effect

After coating the nano layer will have reduced attachment intention forces with dirt. Dirt can be easily rinsed away by rain or pressure wash at home. The self cleaning property will reduce car wash frequency and save you money on car wash.

4. Heat Resistant

After nano coating the nano layer film also will protect coated car paint from heat and UV damage. Please watch our video for heat resistant test on coated car surface.

5. Long Lasting Durability

After coating Car Body Nano Coating Solution II will have above effect for up to 3 years, and Car Body Nano Coating Solution III will last up to 5 years.

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Anti Heat and Anti Scratch Tests on Car Nano Coating II + III Coated Car

Self Cleaning Lotus Effect on Car Nano Coating III Coated Car

Coating Grade

Coating Solution II, Coating Solution III


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