How To Car Ceramic Coating A Car

How to Nano Ceramic Coat A Car Using Car Body Nano Coating Solutions?

Clean your car thoroughly before applying nano ceramic coating solution. If the car has been waxed before or has oil on the paint please remove them first. The adhesiveness and basic performance of our car body nano ceramic coating solutions are influenced by the cleanness of the car body.

Precautions before the nano coating:

  1. Clean car paint thoroughly with dish wash detergent or any kind of detergents used for car cleaning. And rinse away detergent, apply nano ceramic coating solutions after the car paint is dry.
  2. Our Car Body Nano Coating Solutions (II & III) are fast dry, so please avoid applying nano coating under strong sun light. Otherwise wiping would be difficult.
  3. Same reason as above, please avoid applying nano ceramic coating solutions immediately after driving since the car body, especially the engine hood will be every hot after driving.
  4. Avoid applying nano ceramic coating in temperature environment under 10 ºC (50 ºF) which slows down cure process.
  5. Please read the application manual in details and follow the application procedures.

Car Body Nano Coating Solution II & III

1. For coating car hood, drip 5 drops of Car Nano Ceramic Coating Solutions II or III to a 12 inch x 12 inch cleaned car body ceramic coating

2. Quickly use provided micro fiber cloth to spread out the nano coating solution in the chosen area. You can spread as much as you can since the thinner the better.

3. For car side body coating (vertical surfaces) drip 5 drops of Car Ceramic Coating Solutions on the provided microfiber cloth, immediately wipe / spread solution on car body side.

3. Buff the coated surface to shinning.

4. Check wiping omission for each part under completion, until the whole vehicle is covered.

Usage: 5 ~ 10ml/square meter. One bottle of 30ml is enough for coating a medium sized sedan car.

Please note

1. Do NOT coat the whole car in one time to avoid difficulty of post-hardening treatment. Coat and polish to shinning part by part.

2. While wiping / polishing dry, observe the surface in well lighted location to avoid remaining residue to ensure perfect practice quality

3. After application, complete hardening of the coating film requires around 1 week. Please don’t use high pressure to water the car before complete hardening

4. The product is a minor irritant to human body. Please wear protective gloves if allergic with it.



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